Garnet Santicruz

Matrix Repatterning Practitioner / Certified Group and One on ONe Trainer / Registered Massage Therapist

Garnet has been a Registered Massage Therapist for more than a 15 years and has further his expertise through continued education and practice.  He decided to get into Personal Training early on his career to learn more about body mechanics, as well as apply what he already knows to better accommodate his clients' need.

His skills come from different avenues of his learning career, budding from Massage Therapy to Muscle Activation Techniques to Matrix Repatterning, which he essentially applies to his treatments which ever is suitable to each individual client.  It's important to get to the root cause instead of the symptomatic experience.  The source of the dysfunction does not always present itself where the pain is located. 'The fun part in treatment is being able to collaborate all that I know to get to the essence of the problem.'  Pain is just a warning so an investigation is needed to rule out what it isn't. He also gains knowledge through his many injuries and understanding how to build back himself to be able to train in many disciplines. Failing is part of learning and is vital in trying to succeed.  He maintains to sharpen his skills by studying under innovators and thinkers in the field of not only health science but as well as Professional Athletes, Professors, and Clothing Designers to name a few. Originally from the Philippines and at a young age was helping move his Grandfather's limbs due to multiple strokes.  He saw the importance of being able to move freely and to not take this for granted. He continues to search for methods that can improve the body in mind, body and spirit. 


Candice Ohrablo

Manual Osteopath / Certified Personal Trainer / Thai Yoga Practitioner

Candice Ohrablo is a Manual Osteopath; Personal Trainer Specialist in Exercise Therapy with a special interest for Impact injuries in combat sports.

When not being a live tackle dummy at a multidisciplinary combat sport gym; Candice hones her skills to aid and enable fellow training partners for drills and competition. As training accidents happen; Candice is called upon (often) to utilize her skills and is the on-site ‘injury consultant’. Most of her clients are persons with past injuries looking to start training in the demanding regime of Muay Thai, MMA and Krav Maga.

As a Manual Osteopath and Thai Massage Practitioner – Candice uses the quality of her sense of touch to palpate areas of restrictions in the entire body and uses best practices to align the bony and soft structures of the body allowing optimal flow of the circulatory systems and facilitate the healing process. Osteopathic techniques are used to stretch and strengthen the tissue surround the joints allowing normal range of motion.

With over 4000 hours of case studies Candice has treated the following conditions:

Chronic and Acute sprains / strains, Post surgery joint stiffness, Back pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, TMJ, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Tension headaches, Repetitive stress syndromes: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow.

Ryan (2).JPG

Ryan Hayes

Registered Massage Therapist

Ryan completed a bachelor of science degree in biology prior to attending the Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 2002. During the last seventeen years Ryan has gained therapeutic experience in a variety of techniques ranging from Craniosacral therapy to Reiki and advanced soft tissue manipulation. He recently completed his third year at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.

These techniques form the foundation of what is a relaxing and holistic deep tissue experience. Through his current education Ryan hopes to gain a more profound understanding of the relationship between physiological dysfunction and the symptomatic presentation of pain.


Angela Santicruz

Zumba Instructor

Angela became a Zumba Instructor after realizing that she needs to stay active to keep up with her 2 young ones.  She found Zumba has increased her energy, tone and boost confidence. Being a fan of latin music, Zumba was a perfect mix of music and fitness.  She has currently taken Zumba Strong which is more martial arts based fitness with more emphasized on karate, kickboxing, boxing like movements.  Come and join the party.  Sign up today!