What is Movement Kitchen? By Ivan Hui

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Movement Kitchen is our take on an emerging way movers all over the world are starting to teach and practice physical expression. This new style of movement is essential for us to fully understand our bodies and reconnect with our natural movement patterns.

Many existing exercise and fitness trends revolve around isolated body parts and a mechanical view of how our muscles operate, without much insight into the other systems that our muscles are connected with. While isolation has its purpose, it fails to train our movements in a way that is natural, functional and useful for everyday.


Movement Kitchen is a way to reawaken our most basic and vital kinetic capabilities. Why? To better function in our day-to-day lives. Movement Kitchen will create benefits to tasks most of us do all the time: laundry, opening a door, going up or down stairs, walking the dog, playing with a kid, picking up a bag of groceries, and so on.


Not only will you move more efficiently, you’ll feel energized and more powerful. And unlike some forms of exercise that leave us feeling battered or worse, actually injured - you’ll notice chronic tension and pain can slowly resolve as your body starts to work again as a complete unit.


Of course, how we train depends on our intention and goals. Someone training for a triathlon has very a different training practice from someone training for martial arts. But everyone can benefit from a baseline of general movement and mobilization. Athletes who train in specific activities arguably need more generalized training to safeguard against injury by balancing out the repetitive motions they’ve been focusing on.


What’s up with the kitchen theme?


Movement is as crucial to human survival as food.


But it goes beyond just getting the daily recommended amount of nutrients. Once you start moving well, things can get pretty interesting. You can start cooking up new and exciting flavours of movement to explore.


We rarely ever want to eat tasteless food simply for the sake of staying alive. In a similar way, many people struggle with going to the gym when they think of exercise as something to drag themselves to do. 30 minutes of treadmill and repetitive machine exercises don’t truly capture the full human experience of what it means to move.


By learning movement in its natural, wholesome form, you’ll be able to create your own expression and add spices and flavours you enjoy. This translates to doing activities you actually like and hopefully some dancing mixed in as well.


With Movement Kitchen, we’ve boiled down some of the most crucial principles of how to move well. We’re inviting you into our kitchen to feel how moving the body can create greater awareness, not just physically but also in the mind and open up new opportunities in your life.

(Shoulder mobility exercise for improving posture and decreasing pain)

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