Your GPS Is Stopping Your Growth

(By Garnet Santicruz)


Finding your destination on a map is becoming less and less popular.  There has been an increase of accidents of people driving into a body of water because of a GPS saying that there use to be a road there. Don't get me wrong, GPS has been great, but at the same time what will be next 'self driving cars?'....wait THANKS Elon. How about just figuring out and mapping out where you are headed.  My Mom's words rings true to me every time I use some GPS, 'it will make you dumb.' The days of focus are getting farther and farther away from us. Thinking deeply is becoming less and less. Have we reached our peak for human intelligence that we are now at a point of making things that does everything?!

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Like a scene from the movie, Wall-E of an overweight space man being hovered around everywhere without using any energy, we are headed to a future such as this. A ton of problems will arise if we stop thinking and solving for ourselves. I am fan of technology and innovations but I have never forgotten about running around barefoot when I was young full speed as a reminder of what my body was able to do. Ouch!! We need to stay connected to what our bodies are designed to do. Fail, think, solve and repeat. As much as this hurts like running barefoot now would we need to continue to keep this vessel called the Human Body finely tuned. Like anything else in life that gets forgotten and collects dust, our bodies and mind will be the same. So google a map to where you are heading and plan it out. 



While you are at it put together a strategy on the thing that you have been wanting to do every New Year's Eve Resolution. Like a map, make a decision on the path and EXECUTE. Remember, that mindless movement is the same as mindless eating so don't be that person. In health and in vigor I hope that you are more this guy. 


Live longer, Live Better and Keep It Balanced.

M.O.A. Living