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Have you been procrastinating and ignoring your chronic injuries and pain? We are launching our very own active therapy program with our Registered Physiotherapist that can help decrease your pain, increase function and teach you maintenance program to prevent future problems. Book an assessment with our dedicated physiotherapist now.

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massage Therapy

Our treatments are catered to getting better and staying that way.  With the use of Massage Therapy techniques to focus on getting rid of 'knots',  alignment & posture.  This allows your body to adapt and thrive in your physical and mental environments. 

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personal training

Get back to what your body used to be before the injury. Here we will be able to create a plan on how to get back to the Gym, Rock Climbing Wall or Basketball by going through all the associated motion with your movements. We start with your goals and we work towards this until we can make exercise a lifestyle. We can do 1 on 1 Training or bring a friend to train with you.

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manual osteopathy

This method looks at how the body is working as a whole.  The connections of pain are subtle but are important to assess and address.  Tune up your body through osteopathy and see the difference. 

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Physiotherapy allows the opportunity to strengthen imbalances, correct postural issues, decrease chronic pain and increase mobility of muscles and joints. It can be the best place to prepare the body for future activity and training programs (increased strength, mobility and stability). Book Assessment

Matrix Repatterning

‘How does it work?’ explained by Andy Stella Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner.

Matrix Repatterning is a groundbreaking manual therapy that restores well being to incredible levels, even for many challenging conditions. The assessment process quickly pinpoints the underlying source of the problem. Treatment involves gentle pressure to release the hidden, deep-core tension patterns in the framework of the body. This clinically-proven, science based method can facilitate the restoration of muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility, and relieve a wide spectrum of conditions. Book Assessment

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Why work with us

In Pursuit of Adventure the Passion to Serve Others created the M.O.A. Living Concept

We believe that the body is an amazing thing. We have designed a process in which we start from the smallest to the biggest problem to to best understand how we can keep your body strong and supple. We treat holistically and not just the symptomatic area. We break it down simply to educate what we see in a body to better educate you what is going on. Knowledge is power and we are here to heal and teach you how to maintain the body. By facilitating healing through our methods we are certain that you will see and feel the difference. Each therapist and trainer are well versed in many types of injuries and activities because we have either experience this and if not we are willing to try. To understand the body we are working we must walk in your shoes. We go to our notes and reliable resources to best deal with the problem with the most effective and efficient ways. We value your time and if we can minimize the duration of the treatment we will. Our focus is to get you back to your adventure of life or get you ready for one. Are you Ready?! Let’s get started.