Massage Therapy

Our treatments are catered to getting better and staying that way.  With the use of Massage Therapy techniques to focus on getting rid of 'knots',  alignment & posture.  This allows your body to adapt and thrive in your physical and mental environments. 

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Personal Training


Get back to what your body used to be before the injury. Here we will be able to create a plan on how to get back to the Gym, Rock Climbing Wall or Basketball by going through all the associated motion with your movements.

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This method looks at how the body is working as a whole.  The connections of pain are subtle but are important to assess and address.  Tune up your body through osteopathy and see the difference. 

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Movement kitchen Class

This is a slow motion version of ‘Boot Camp’ which in a group we move the way the body was meant to move. Squats, crawling on the ground, stepping up boxes, pulling up on a bar and low impact cardio motions. The goal is still to keep the heart rate at 70 % minimum through out the 45 minute workout. Book a Consulation for the next round of 21 days of Movement Kitchen Class.